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Cypress Park Elementary School

9601 11th Avenue
Taft, FL 32824
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Phone: (407) 858-3100
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History of School's Grade
Education Levels K - 5th
Number of Students in 2005 378
Ethnic Breakdown of Students
74% were economically disadvantaged
25% were English language learners

FCAT Scores Average of 3rd - 5th graders scoring in Achievement Level 3 and above

FCAT Average Reading ScoresFCAT Average Math ScoresFCAT Average Writing ScoresFCAT Average Science Scores

National Ranking  (FCAT NRT) The national average is 50%

FCAT NRT Average Reading ScoresFCAT NRT Average Math Scores

Teachers & Staff Info from 2005

Breakdown of School StaffTeacher's Highest Degree
School District
Average years of experience 11 13
Teachers with advanced degrees 32% 31%

Students Info from 2005

School District
Percent of students in programs for the gifted 2.1% 3%
Percent of students in programs for students with disabilities 15.1% 14.7%
Percent of students absent for 21+ days 5.4% 5.6%
Number of incidents of crime & violence 21 2,595
Percent of students who served in-school suspensions 0% 2.2%
Percent of students who served out-of-school suspensions 5.9% 3.9%