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Florida Christian College

1011 Bill Beck Blvd
Kissimmee, FL 34744
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Phone: (407) 847-8966
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Florida Christian College

The educational philosophy of FCC sets this college apart from state-supported schools and from most private and church-related institutions. Florida Christian College is a Bible College established to provide training for vocational and non-vocational ministry in the Church. The education offered at Florida Christian College is based on the belief that the Bible is the full, final, and inerrant Word of God. The Divine message of the Bible can be understood only by the application of sound principles of study and interpretation. The Scripture is the source of knowledge concerning eternal and spiritual matters, and it tells the origin of the world, and the purpose and function of the natural order. Because that is true, the Bible is the foundation of all sound education.

By its very nature and content, the Word of God encourages in a student the desire for breadth, maturity, and integrity in all academic pursuits. God expects his children to learn about his Word and his world. Beyond intellectual growth, however, quality education demands spiritual development, behavioral change, and the practical use of acquired skills.

The FCC curriculum offers a range of courses that meets the special needs of those students who aspire to church-related vocations, as well as the general need of all students to learn what enables them to live dynamic Christian lives. All students have a double major, in Bible and ministry; while the student chooses a ministry major. The Bible program and Ministry programs are outlined in the Programs section of this catalog.